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Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for school education.

MI WINDOW project will support teachers in identifying, responding and addressing behavioural problems in the classroom caused by early life trauma / trauma under 5 and to respond according to current psychological and neuroscientific research.

MI WINDOW will create a set of 5 highly innovative products to trauma inform communities with outputs for all levels of engagement and ages to provoke self-reflection and even certify individuals as trauma informed. They are:

  • O1 online digital database for trauma awareness and parasympathetic activities for learning environments
  • O2 trauma under 5 theoretical and pedagogical basis and training curriculum
  • O3 trauma under 5 e-learning course with trauma informed certification
  • O4 guide to trauma under 5 for schools, teachers, and parents
  • O5 my map children’s animation and worksheets