Go Up

Building resilience and enhancing the intercultural competencies of refugees and asylum seekers through theatre techniques.

Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education. The aim of GO UP project is to boost the participation of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in adult education supporting teachers, educators and counsellors with tailor made innovative methodologies and tools designed to build resilience and enhance intercultural competencies through theatre techniques.

The project integrates methodologies and approaches aimed to empower migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in self-related concepts like self-empowerment, control, self-monitoring, self-efficacy and social identity and build strategies to cope with "negative" social identity and the influence of group membership on self-evaluation. The project will also apply innovative pedagogies, like Dialogic learning (learning that takes place through dialogue) and Peer learning, to help learners to play an active role in the teaching-learning process.